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NEC TOKIN corporation
2015.07.21 NEC TOKIN Develops New Magnetic Material “Senfoliage” that can be Installed on Printed Circuit Board
2015.06.16 NEC TOKIN Develops B3 Case in the “F/PS Series” of High Capacitance Polymer Tantalum Capacitors
2015.05.18 NEC TOKIN Develops Type FMS Mold Encapsulated Super Capacitor as Electric Double-Layer Capacitor Compliant with the JEDEC-Recommended Reflow Conditions
2015.04.23 NEC TOKIN Develops PS/H Series High Reliability Polymer Tantalum Capacitor that Can Operate at Temperatures as High as125 degrees Celsius
2014.03.12 24th TOKIN Science and Technology Awards Ceremony
Announcement of Price Revision for Certain EMC Products