MnO2 type tantalum capacitor

■Product outline

Tantalum capacitor consists of Tantalum anode, Ta2O5 dielectric film and MnO2 cathode.

Compare with other capacitors, tantalum capacitor has higher capacitance, higher volumetric efficiency and stable temperature characteristics.

Moreover MnO2 used for cathode is solid electrolyte. So it never occurs dry up like aluminum electrolytic capacitor. As a result of these features, Tantalum capacitor has high reliability and infinite lifetime.

■Delivery status of MnO2 type tantalum capacitor

Our main factory in Thailand suffered from big damage caused by historical food in October 2011.

We’ve already recovered production system of conductive polymer type tantalum capacitor (NeoCapacitor™) since May 2012.

But recovery plan of MnO2 type tantalum capacitor is not determined yet.

We deeply apologize to all customers.

Suspended product

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We offer MnO2 type tantalum capacitor products manufactured by KEMET.
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